Tuesday Forum

speakers_forumTuesday Forum presents to members a variety of guest speakers who speak in depth on their area of expertise. The topics are as varied as the people who present them – from university lecturers to the local fisherman.

Tuesday Forum is held in the Uniting Church Hall in Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads.  See map.  There is no Tuesday Forum on the first Tuesday of the month, nor during the school holidays.

Tuesday Forum – Term 4 – 2017

Thanks to Dot Andrews for taking on Speaker Forum Coordinator again this term.

October 10 – Tony Yeates
The mystery of Lasseter’s Reef. Tony will talk about gold – its nature and the mystery surrounding  Lasseter’s Reef, a legendary rich gold deposit in a remote and desolate corner of central Australia.

October 17 – Des Wann
Our very own Des Wann will make another of his delightful musical presentations, this time on Phil Coulter – An Irish Treasure. (Des is challenging Dame Nellie Melba for the title of person with most comebacks.)

October 24 – John Remynse
John is ex-army, having served in Vietnam. He is an experienced mountaineer and went on to  train soldiers to climb in snow.

October 31 – Monthly outing
Guided tour and morning tea at the Manor House in Ballina. Bookings and payment of $7.50 required by 17 October.

November 14 – Susan Wright
Susan’s obsession for beautiful textures and colours has been ingrained since birth. Her father was a passionate printer and founded the “The Byron News”. Born in Paper. Over the past years Susan has created a business appropriately called Born in Paper. and runs workshops in a range of paper crafts and textiles.

November 21 – Steven and Ann Jones
Steven and Ann will give us their perspective on Eastern Europe, following on from their travels in the area.

November 28 – Edwin Fabry
Edwin will present an Andre Rieu concert held in Dublin.

December 12 – Christmas concert
More details to come.