Starting Zoom

When Covid hit in early 2020 some of our U3A classes moved to Zoom so that they could continue while we were in isolation. Most of us had never heard of Zoom until we were forced to use it. Now we have become more comfortable with it we realise that it has many other uses, notably communicating with friends and family interstate or overseas. One class has continued to operate over Zoom, even though we are no longer in isolation. It can be quicker and more convenient, depending on the circumstances.

This four week short course is designed to get you to the point where you are comfortable to participate in a Zoom meeting and then, once you have the confidence, we set you on the path to hosting your own Zoom meetings.

The classes will deliberately be kept to three or four people so that you can have a lot of individual attention. Bring your own device so that it can be set up for you to use at home. We will have spares if that is not feasible for you.

Day:Monday and Wednesday, starting first week in June. Please choose either Monday or Wednesday. The classes are separate so that the class sizes remain small.
Time:2 – 3pm
Place:Ocean Shores Tavern
Contact:0423 778 573
Note:There is no fee for this short course but as we use the Tavern facilities at no cost it is desirable that you buy a coffee or similar.