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Tuesday Forum – 25 April 2016

Once again Des Wann has enticed a large audience to listen to a selection of his favourite musical pieces. This time the presentation was entitled Little Girls, Big Girls. In Des’s own words:

“I consider this to be a unique and magical presentation of classical music. In the first instance it looks at quite young performers and highlights their incredible skills and talent. For one particular artist (no names mentioned till the day) we see how she has developed over a period from 12 yrs-old to about 28 yrs-old. The presentation also features some wonderful ‘old girls’ who play delightful music. We then return to a couple of youngsters before concluding. I know I am biased in my opinion but I think this presentation will prove to be the most enjoyable of those that I have done. The artists, both little and big, and their music, are definitely memorable!”

List of Youtube links to videos shown in my presentation:

1. Umi Garret (“Gnomenreigen” – “Dance of the Gnomes” by Franz Liszt):
Here Umi is playing at the very young age of 7 years. This piece is considered to be very difficult and is often recommended for aspiring concert pianists to practise.

2. Shio Okui (Haydn Piano Concerto XVIII Concerto – full concerto): The more I watch this young artist the more I am impressed. In my presentation I only showed the 3rd Movement but this video gives the complete concerto.

3. Umi Garret (Mozart Piano Concerto No. 23 – 3rd Movement):
Here, at age 10, Umi plays Mozart. The orchestra is the Thayer Symphony Orchestra of Massechusetts conducted by Francis Wada. The manner in which Umi thanks the conductor and first violinist is quite memorable. (The 1st and 2nd Movements are also available – I have given them as separate links under ‘Extras’ below.)

4. Sarah Chang 12 yrs old: I used only a small excerpt from the 1st movement of Paganini’s Violin Concerto No.1. This link is the video of the complete 1st Movement.

5. Sarah Chang 15 yrs old:
Here Sarah plays the Paganini’s full concerto but again I only used an excerpt from it. The conductor is a much younger Zubin Mehta whom we met in another presentation conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orhcestra playing the ‘Blue Danube waltz” with an accompanying ballet.

6. Sarah Chang – Carmen Fantasy: This is a wonderful performance! I only played the first half but it is really worthwhile watching the complete performance. Interestingly the conductor is Placido Domingo with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I think Sarah here is about 28 years old (she is now 35 years old).

7. Amadeus Electric Quartet: Dmitri Shostakovich wrote two Jazz Suites. Waltz No.2 comes from Jazz Suite No.2. I have also noted a couple of other links under ‘Extras’ for this beautiful group.

8. Princesses of ViolinZorba the Greek.

9. Hiona Mori: I had featured Hiona in an earlier presentation and decided to show the complete movement during the Interval of this presentation. But some might have missed it. It is Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 26 1st Movement.

10. Tine Thing-Helseth: Bach Trumpet Concerto in D Major (after Vivaldi). Your might like to do some ‘Googling’ and get interesting information about the connection between Bach and Vivaldi.

11. Yeol Eum Son: Yeol is one of my favourite pianists. The two pieces she plays here are an absolute delight!
Wedding March:

12. Lucia Garcia And Ainhoa Arteta: This video probably appeals for its sentimentality rather than any outstanding performance. .Nevertheless, well worthwhile watching. The aria is Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro”.

13. Amira Willighagen: This has to rate as one of the MUST WATCH videos posted on YouTube. She sings the same aria as Lucia and Ainhoa – O Mio Babbino Caro (Oh, My Beloved Father).

14. Amira Willighagen: While a very fine performance it is ruined a little by the poor sound recording; the orchestra tends to overwhelm the performers in parts and Amira tends to be ‘oversung’ by the tenor.
Umi Garrett – There are quite a lot of videos here. I would recommend you look in particular at her performance of Schumann’s Piano Concerto (1st Movement). She is only 12 years old at this time.

Here are the links to the other two movements of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.23 – I showed the 3rd Movement in my presentation.
1st Movement:

2nd Movement:

Shio Okui: (9 years old)  – This is worth watching for her playing of the cadenzas towards the end of the movement.
Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 – 1st Movement:

Piano Recital: (10 years old) –

Sarah Chang – A unique performer and this video of Bruch’s Violin Concerto (3rd Movement) is magnificent!

Amadeus String Quartet – Amadeus Electric Quartet – Carmen –
Amadeus Electric Quartet – Hijo de la luna –
Amadeus Electric Quartet – She’s the One – (a very different video featuring this group)
And if you like a bit of Rock ’N Roll …

Hiona Mori – 
In an earlier presentation I showed an excerpt from this performance. It is quite fascinating to see this young girl being so relaxed during the introductory orchestral part of the 1st Movement. For an 8 year old it is quite an extraordinary display. The other thing that impressed me was the small chamber orchestra – I have no information on where it is located or who the conductor is. This video gives the complete 1st Movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 26 .

Tuesday Forum – 13 October 2015

Des Wann delighted us with some Moments Musicaux at Tuesday Forum. Des put an incredible amount of work into the selection of the works and the interesting facts that he presented related to each piece or performer. For those who missed the presentation, or those who would like to re-live the moment, Des has provided the YouTube links and a brief comment:

1. Dance of the Hours – excerpt from “Fantasia”. My copy was edited from the 2010 digitally remastered version. This, as far as I know, doesn’t appear on Youtube. However there are quite a number of different clips and the following link shows the full movie albeit the video and sound quality is not the greatest.

2. Di WuSonata in C Major (Joseph Haydn). I used only part of this movement.

3. Yeol Eum SonMozart Piano Concerto #21 – Second Movement (Andante). I think this link gives the full concerto.

4. Nobuyuki Tsujii Etude No.12 (Chopin). This is the one I used but the video quality is not as good. Why I don’t know but enjoyable.

5. Michael Parkinson Interview with Lang Lang. I was really disappointed with the sound reproduction of this part on Tuesday. Following is the full interview (55 min); it seems OK on the computer.

There is another interview along similar lines that people might be interested in. It is titled “Imagine – Do or Die” (1hr 22min). This is the link:

6. Lang Lang – “La Campanella (Franz Liszt).

7. Lang Lang and Ricky Kam – “Military March” (Robert Schumann).

8. Lang Lang – “Intermezzi (Manuel Ponce). This is not the one I used (I think that has been removed from Youtube) but is quite good none-the-less.

9. Pizzicati from “Sylvia”. This ballet item appeared in the 2014 Vienna New Year’s Day Concert in 2014. The following link gives the full concert and includes a very interesting documentary section titled ‘Backstage’. Worth watching. (2hr 30min). I edited the ballet from a Japanese copy of the same concert.

INTERVAL BALLETS These came from the 2014 Concert (see above) and the 2010 Concert. The link for the latter is: (there are two Parts to this concert)

10. Robert Levin – excerpt from Mozart Piano Concerto #15 (Full Concerto). Note: it is stated on this site that the piano is Mozart’s – it is not. I only used a small excerpt from this clip.

11. Aya NagatomiLiebestraume No. 3

12. Victor Borge and Anton Kontra Czardas (Vittorio Monti)

13. Salut Salon – Competitive Foursome

14. Yuja Wang – Melody from Orfeo ed Euridice

15. Ballet – Mein Lebenslauf its Lieb ind Lust

16. Ode to JoySabadell

Newsletter – The Term Paper – June 2015

TermpaperjuneOur end-of-term newsletter – 2015 June Newsletter

Newsletter – The Term Paper – April 2015

April 2015 NewsletterOur end-of-term newsletter – 2015 April Newsletter

Course Changes 2105

  • Women’s Table Tennis has changed it time and venue. It is now held from 10:30am to 12:30pm in the Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall, Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads (near Bernardi’s Gelateria). New members welcome.
  • The Thursday Group is now meeting at the Mullumbimby RSL from 10:15am.
  • Introduction to Latin will reconvene at the end of February when new members are enlisted.
  • Cryptic Crosswords will commence at the end of February. Those who expressed interest will be contacted regarding time and place.
  • A six week Create a Family Blog course will start in March. Please indicate you expression of interest on the form at Tuesday Forum or by using Contact Us.

 Newsletter – The Term Paper – December 2014

Front Page_optOur quarterly newsletter – the 2014 December edition.

Tuesday Forum November 25

VictorCollageLocal author Victor Marsh related the story of how he came to write his latest book The Boy in the Yellow Dress. He told us about his early years, including his memory of That Yellow Dress.  The book has been referred to as a “spiritual memoir wrapped up in a coming of age story. Victor pursued a career in the arts and television but it was through his spiritual path he was able to honour himself as a man.

Victor was joined by another local talent – songbird Sarah Buchanan. Sarah sang beautifully in her inimitable style, performing some of her own compositions as well as some standards. What a lovely combination!

Tuesday Forum November 18

Guide_dogs_optBev introduced us to Henry, her guide dog, and told us of her journey from very rapidly loosing her sight in quite unique circumstances, up to her life today with Henry. Bev and Henry made quite an impact on our members as they were both so happy and in tune with each other.

Anna is an orientation and mobility instructor with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT for those who are blind or vision impaired. She reminded us of the important services provided by this organisation. Remember, it’s more than just dogs! Information, support training and devices are all part of their free service.

Members donated $140 towards this very special organisation which manages to provide such excellent service without any government funding.

Tuesday Forum November 11

Neroli and Michelle_optMichelle Walter and Neroli Jager gave us an insight into the Women’s Resource Centre in Mullumbimby. Michelle and Neroli provide an excellent service to the many women who seek support for domestic violence, depression, anxiety and stress. Appropriate psychological services enable women to get support quickly and without cost. Our members were generous in adding to the Centre’s “Escape Fund” which provides emergency funding that can make all the difference in a time of crisis.

Tuesday Forum October 21

Barbara Pinter from Byron Breast Cancer Support group spoke to a small but interested group about the group she founded 11 years ago when she needed support during her own cancer treatment. Since then she has facilitated various programs for hundreds of local women. After the meeting she sent this email to David Ashton, Tuesday forum coordinator.

Hi David,
It was a pleasure to speak to the group at the Brunswick Valley U3A today.  Thanks again for inviting a representative of the BBCSG as a guest speaker.

I am more than happy for anyone who has any further questions around the topic to call or email as below.

Best regards,


Barbara Pinter RN BSc AES
Facilitator Coordinator
Byron Breast Cancer Support Group
02 6680 8893  or  0408 336 351
Our motto: Through connection with each other we can go from strength to strength

Term Paper – September 2014

Term paper header

Brunswick Valley U3A produces a quarterly newsletter, the Term Paper, which is available at the end of each term. In September 2014, for the first time, the newsletter was published digitally. Members were sent an email version of the Term Paper on Wednesday 17 September.  If you did not receive your emailed copy it is likely that our records have not kept up to date with your change in email address. Please let us know if this is the case.

There is an abridged paper version available at Tuesday Forum for those who prefer to have something to put on the fridge.

Alternatively, you can download a pdf version of the September 2014 edition of the Term Paper here. You will need a pdf reader to view this document. If you do not have a pdf reader download one here or speak to Roger Curran at Tuesday Forum and he will help you with this.

Norfolk Island U3A

NIWe have received a letter from the President of U3A’s newest member – U3A Norfolk Island. They have been incorporated for just on a year and have 63 members. That’s not bad from a population of just 1500 people.

U3ANI  would like to share their unique island and are keen for you to visit. They would even like you to consider being a guest speaker for them while you are there. In conjunction with the NI Travel Centre they have organised a U3A tour to join them for special Norfolk Island occasions: Thanksgiving Day, First Fleet celebrations, 225th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sirius or Bounty Day. More details are included in their Norfolk-Island-Flyer.

AGM – Tuesday August 12

The Brunswick Valley U3A annual general meeting was held on Tuesday 12 August. The new committee was elected unopposed and comprises:
President – Des Wannagm 2014
Immediate Past President – David Ashton
Vice President – vacant
Treasurer – Merle Siwicki
Secretary – Toni Spruce
Membership Secretary – Ingrid Johnston
Tuesday Forum – Rosalie Duignan, Penny Fox, David Ashton
Course Coordinators – Jean Elliott, Denise Curran
Web Manager – Denise Curran
Technical Officer – vacant. Newly appointed – Roger Curran
Public Officer – David Powell
Meet and Greet – Jennifer Trueman, Beth Wann
Hospitality – Jill Davis, Terry McPaul
Dining Out – Jean Elliott

Along with the reports from the outgoing President, Secretary and Treasurer there were displays from various groups: Shibashi, Writing for Posterity, Mens Shed, Busy Beaders, French Revisited. This was all followed by a festive morning tea, thanks to Terry McPaul and Penny Fox.

DSC_1969[2]_opt             Beading      Sur le pont

Tuesday Forum July 29

RihabRihab, a lady of Palestinian descent and Jenny Bush, a Jewish lady gave a history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and first hand descriptions of the current situation. Both women were in these countries last year on a study tour. A large audience was moved by the passion with which both women spoke of the terrible situation, particularly as it has escalated over recent weeks.

At one member’s suggestion a collection basket was arranged. By the end of the meeting $330 had been raised for an injured children’s fund in Palestine.

Tuesday Forum February 11

Russell Eldridge, the former editor of the Northern Star spoke at our first meeting on Tuesday 11 February. As well as delighting (and horrifying) us with tales of his treks in Nepal, as an older person with a disability, Russell decided to spend the first half of the morning discussing the current state of journalism and its likely future. Given his experience in the media, this was an interesting and stimulating presentation from a very well informed perspective.

New Course – Spanish for Beginners

spanish speakingWe are very pleased to announce that BVU3A is offering a Spanish for Beginners class, starting 17 February, 2014. Thank you to Lilian and Carmen for their work setting up the new course.

Visit Spanish for Beginners to get more details.

Marie’s Thank You Presentation

A presentation was made to our outgoing President Marie Oliver, at the Speakers Forum on Tuesday 16 July. Marie was not able to be present at the AGM as she was overseas but members wanted to express their gratitude for Marie’s tireless efforts over the last five years. We were able to surprise Marie with an early gift and beautiful bouquet of flowers from Merle’s garden.

penny and Marie_small_opt(1)    Marie and marion small_opt(1)
Marie and Penny                                   Marie and Marion

Marie and Merle_Small_opt(1)
Marie and Merle