We are always looking for new leaders for our courses.

Please consider sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience.

  • Maybe you are reluctant to tie yourself down to an ongoing course. No problem, just indicate how long you need – four weeks, a term, once a month for a term, whatever.
  • Maybe you have lots of information, photos, samples etc., but do not have the skills or equipment to present them to best advantage. Contact Us and we will help.
  • Maybe you need some help presenting to a group. Join the Public Speaking group to learn skills and practise before your course starts.
  • Maybe you would like to lead a course using material from U3AOnline. U3AOL offers over 40 courses, categorised under World Affairs and History, Nature, Writing and Creativity, Lifestyle and Science. There is bound to be something to interest you.

Leaders are given a training session along with a kit of material to introduce them to the U3A requirements and provide the paperwork they might need.  Support is offered with presentation skills, including scanning photos and preparation of slideshows.

Leaders work in a voluntary capacity but are reimbursed for any costs they incur. A budget is provided for purchase of materials relevant to the course.

If you have any skills or information that you are prepared to pass on to members, please Contact Us. Alternatively speak to Denise Curran at the next Tuesday Forum.